Why, when, who…

Why do I make soap? Because my body and I,┬álove it! It’s my favorite hobby, I just love experimenting and trying out new ideas. Sometimes (ok, many times) it all goes wrong, but when it turns out beautiful and the way I planned it, I get excited.

I started making soap back in 2012, when my baby boys skin was covered in eczema and no prescription seemed to help. My┬ánatural soap cleared it all up – amazing! We all started to use the soap and I fell in love with it. I was no longer addicted to moisturiser as this soap left my skin soft and moisturised. I still never buy hand or body moisturiser, I just wash with my soap, even after swimming in a highly chlorinated swimming pool.

Back then, making my plain soap was a bit of a chore. In 2016 I started to get creative with natural colours and scents and this is where my soap passion was born. I could go wild with crazy colourants and fragrance oils but I made a firm decision to keep it natural, so those artificial products were not an option. The natural ingredients don’t always play ball and turn out as expected, but that’s half the fun for me.

Noticing the difference the soap made, I started making my other skincare and hair products and have had great success – except for my make-up, I had many failures before giving up. I now use a brand I trust (feel free to ask me about it).

I’m from South Africa and live in the UK with my husband (from New Zealand), two kids and a dog. My day job is a Teaching Assistant. My dream is to be an inspiring soap maker selling amazing soaps and skin products… I can dream, can’t I?